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Downtown Business Facade Improvement Grant Program

Belleville’s Downtown Business Façade Improvement Grant Program
A voluntary program sponsored by the Community Development Authority

What’s a Façade?
A façade is the “face” of your building as it is viewed from a public space. It is the view that provides the first impression of your business from the street or other open public space. For some buildings, this may be the front only; for others, there may be rear facades (if, for example, they may be seen from a park or trail), or even a side façade for corner lots.

What’s the Façade Improvement Grant?
Belleville’s Downtown Façade Improvement Grant is a program sponsored by Belleville’s Community Development Authority (CDA). It provides financial assistance to business and property owners, located in the Village of Belleville’s Downtown Design District, that wish to refresh their façade. Projects may be big or small; Approved projects will be reimbursed for 50% of their project costs, not to exceed $10,000.00 per building per calendar year. Changes should reinforce the historic character of the Design District, especially through restoring original historic structures and architectural details. Since funding sources are limited, priority will be given to projects demonstrating the most substantial positive impact on aesthetic quality and historic accuracy. 
For more information, take a look at the Façade Improvement Grant Brochure and the Downtown Design Standards

When you are ready to apply, write a simple one-page letter stating your intent to begin your Façade Improvement Project, and attach any supporting materials (such as drawings or your estimated expenses) to the Application Form. Please note you must apply BEFORE you begin the construction process; it often works best to submit your Façade Grant Application simultaneous to your Building and Construction Permit Application.  
Both Application Forms may be found on the Forms, Permits & Licenses Page of the main Village Government Website.
Note: The Façade Improvement Grant Application Form, is located  under "Miscellaneous."  

Visit the Economic Development & Marketing Information Pageif you are looking for the most recent market information, workforce and housing information or other planning information. 

Belleville is also working hard to provide other Resources Small Business, Commercial and Industrial Partners. 

Feel free to contact the Economic Development & Marketing Specialist at Village Hall with questions. 
Becky Olson