village homepage

Resources for Small Business, Commercial & Industrial Partners

The Village has two Websites: As of 07-26-2021, both are relatively new and under development. 
The Village Government Website (Managed by the Deputy Clerk) & The Economic Development Website (Managed by the Economic Development & Marketing Specialist) You are on the Economic Development Website. 

The Government Website is where you will find the
Village meeting & Facility reservation calendar,
Meeting Agendas & Minutes, and  
Forms, Permits and License Applications.

Belleville's Economic Development Programming and corresponding Website are brand new. Information and programming will continue to be designed to reflect both residential workforce and business community needs. To date this includes page development that includes:
Available Village-owned properties & Request for Proposals,
Resources for Village-managed Grants or links to Market Data & Studies,
Village-managed recreation & welcome information, the
Newsletter Archive & sign-up page (which often features announcements on grants or other items that may affect businesses), etc…

Because Belleville is united across two counties, we are fortunate that many organizations will be of assistance regardless of your actual location. Check these resources to learn if they offer programs that meet your needs.